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Sometimes a surgery or treatment requires only recovery, allowing you to go home within just a few days. These patients have regained most of their strength and mobility and are ready to return to their regular lives with just minor adjustments.

But when more involved surgery is necessary, often a longer in-hospital recovery is as well. That’s why long-term acute care programs are available – to provide patients with the skilled care they need in between immediate recovery and their transition home.

Long-term care helps you or a loved one with daily needs, such as grooming and bathing. It also can involve targeted physical therapy to help improve muscular strength. Each patient is different, and our dedicated doctors, nurses and therapists will work closely with you to create a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs.

For additional information and to inquire about long-term acute care for you or your family, contact one of our locations below.

Continuing Care Hospital

CHI Saint Joseph Health – Continuing Care Hospital (CCH) is a long-term acute care hospital intended for those needing to stay an average of 25 days to recover and regain their independence.

Our Continuing Care Hospital acts as a “hospital within a hospital”, located within Saint Joseph Hospital. The CCH provides a highly focused environment of acute care to meet the unique physical, emotional, spiritual, nursing and rehabilitative needs of our acute care patients, no matter how medically complex.

Swing Bed Program

Our dedicated Swing Bed Program at Saint Joseph Berea is used when a patient is still recovering and not ready to go home. The term “swing” references our ability to provide flexible care depending on your changing recovery needs.

Swing beds are ideal for patients who need extra time to recover from general surgeryjoint replacement or debilitating illness. We are fully accredited by the Joint Commission®, recognizing our ability to provide skilled and rehabilitative care to our central and eastern Kentucky communities.

After a course of the right treatments, patients should be able to return to their normal lives at home.


Long-term Acute Care Locations