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Sleep Medicine at Saint Joseph East

When you call the CHI Saint Joseph Health - Sleep Care Center for an appointment, we will first send you a questionnaire, which provides us with sleep and medical history, and ask you to maintain a sleep diary for several weeks. On your first visit, one of our board-certified physicians will review this information with you and conduct a physical assessment.

Sleep Testing

If the physician determines that a sleep study is required, you will spend one or two nights in one of our private, comfortable hotel rooms, which simulates the home setting. A nearby room is equipped with sophisticated equipment for monitoring sleep stages, patterns, heart activity, blood oxygen levels and body movement. You may also be asked to stay during the day so that we may assess daytime sleepiness.


If a sleep disorder is diagnosed, it can usually be treated effectively. The team of specialists at the CHI Saint Joseph Health - Sleep Care Center will evaluate the results of your studies and will make recommendations for treatment. Treatment may include medication, changes in daily habits or work schedules, or a simple nasal mask to relieve snoring and upper airway obstruction. You may be asked to return to the center for a follow up visit to check your progress. The physicians at CHI Saint Joseph Health - Sleep Care Center will communicate with your family primary care physician about the long term treatment of your sleep disorder.

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