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Specialty Programs & Services

Cardiac Teaching and Assistance - Our staff provides teaching on cardiac medication, diet, and lifestyle.

Diabetes Teaching and Assistance - Our staff provides teaching on medication, diet and lifestyle, as well as diabetic monitoring.

Ortho Care Link Program - A comprehensive program to provide a consistent, therapeutic plan for recovery and rehabilitation following a total joint replacement or other orthopedic procedure.

Respiratory and Ventilator Services - Experienced nurses and therapists monitor equipment and ensure comfort and care, working closely with your physician to develop a detailed plan of care.

Therapy Services - Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists along with the patient and other health care practitioners, share the hard work and commitment needed to accomplish each individual patient's goals.

Skin and Wound Care Link Program - Nurses are specially trained in wound care and use our extensive Wound Care Program protocols to provide the most up-to-date and advanced methods for the treatment and healing of wounds. Our nurses are trained in using the V.A.C. Therapy-an advanced system in wound healing.