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Cancer Care at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

Cancer Care at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

Cancer Care at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

If you or your loved one are battling cancer, travel is the last thing you should worry about. At CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cancer Care at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling, we’re proud to be part of your community and deliver high-quality cancer care, right here at home. 

Our team is here to provide the compassionate care you and your family deserve. Our medical and radiation oncology services are housed together in the hospital, offering everything you need in one convenient setting. We’ll also help coordinate multiple appointments on the same day, so you have more time to focus on healing.

At each visit, you won’t find a bus to transport you to another building or large medical complexes to navigate. Parking is right outside our doors—just walk right in to get the care you need.

To help you manage your care, the CHI Saint Joseph Health MyCancerCare patient portal provides online access to your oncology medical records. You can request appointments and prescription refills, view test results and much more. My CancerCare is safe, secure and simple to use. If you are a new patient, ask our cancer care staff how to sign up today.

For more information about our comprehensive cancer care, and to make your appointment, call 859.497.5836 or find a cancer specialist anytime online.

Let's Conquer Cancer Together

Every day, we help patients throughout Montgomery County and our surrounding communities fight cancer with confidence—and are here to do the same for you through:

Multi-Skilled Approach to Care

Through every phase of care, you’ll have the same multi-skilled cancer care team by your side, including some of Central Kentucky’s most experienced medical and radiation oncologists. They’re backed by nurses with specialized oncology certification and more education that goes well beyond traditional training. Together, these experts work closely with cancer surgeons, radiologists, dietitians, social workers and more specialists to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Prevention and Early Detection

Your best defense against cancer is to prevent it from occurring, or catching it in its earliest stages, when it’s highly treatable. Our cancer genetic counseling and smoking cessation programs can help you stay proactive about your health and reduce your cancer risks. We also offer the latest cancer screenings, including digital and 3D mammography, low-dose lung CT scans, colonoscopy and more to detect tumors and put you on the fast track to treatment.

Outpatient Infusion Clinic

If your doctor recommends chemotherapy as part of your treatment plan, our Infusion Clinic offers a convenient and comfortable experience, right inside the hospital. With a recent $50,000 renovation, the new room now features a large window, letting in plenty of natural sunlight to boost your mood during treatment. We’ve expanded from six infusion chairs to 11, allowing us to see you in a timelier fashion and offer more flexibility to accommodate your schedule. There’s also more space for family to accompany you for treatment, and we’ve added more specialists on staff to meet your needs during treatment.

The Infusion Clinic offers a full range of IV therapies, antibiotics, blood transfusion and injection services. We provide both proven and newer medications that maximize effectiveness while minimizing side effects, plus supplemental therapies to help reduce risk of infection and other treatment concerns. You’ll also have access to all of the resources from CHI Saint Joseph Health, one of the largest health systems in the Commonwealth.

Personalized Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer and its treatment can affect you physically, interfering with your ability to function and what you need and love to do. Cancer rehabilitation is offered right at the hospital through CHI Saint Joseph Health – Outpatient Rehabilitation.

Our therapists will work with you to create a personal plan, including pre-rehab to help prepare you for treatment and recover more quickly. Throughout your journey, we’ll also help you improve strength, stamina and mobility; manage symptoms like pain, fatigue or muscle weakness; increase your ability for self-care; heal faster following each treatment; and support your emotional health and overall wellbeing.

Once you’ve completed treatment, we’ll continue supporting you to ensure a smooth and healthy transition back to your life.

Find a Provider

Find a primary care provider or specialist near you in our extensive network of clinics and hospitals.

World-class cancer care. Close to home.

We’ve expanded our affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center. Whether you are newly diagnosed, want a second opinion or would like to schedule a cancer screening, call our Hope Line at 844.940.4673.

CHI Saint Joseph Health - Cancer Care in affiliation with Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center