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Early Detection is Key

Early Detection Is Key

January 11, 2024 Posted in: Cancer Care  2 minute read time


CHI Saint Joseph Health offers a comprehensive range of cancer screenings to help you get the treatment you may need as soon as possible. When cancer is discovered early, it can often be treated before it spreads, leading to better outcomes and fewer harsh treatments.

“Cancer screenings are easy to push off if we get busy, but these screenings keep us healthy and aware,” said Ashley Case, RN, nurse navigator at CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cancer Care in Lexington. “They are important for our future and we want to help make that future as bright as possible.”

Common Cancer Screenings

The screenings you need depend on your age, family history, gender and lifestyle factors. Here are common cancer screenings and when to get them:

  • Cervical cancer screenings are recommended for women starting at 25.
  • Colon cancer screening is recommended for men and women beginning at 45.
  • Breast cancer: New recommendations encourage women to get mammograms beginning at 40.
  • Prostate cancer: Starting at 50, men should discuss prostate cancer screening with their provider.

As Easy as 1-2-3

A monthly breast self-exam may help detect breast cancer early.Follow these three steps:

  1. While standing, lightly press the pads of three fingers in a circle around one breast and armpit to feel for changes, lumps or thickened areas.
  2. Repeat this check with medium, then firm, pressure.
  3. Feel around the nipple and squeeze it to look for discharge.

Repeat the exam on the opposite side.

It’s also important to visually examine your breasts every month. If something looks or feels different, tell your doctor.

Safeguard your health with regular screening. Call the Hope Line at 844.940.4673 to schedule a cancer screening.

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