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Patient Testimonials

Everybody I know is surprised that I came down here from Louisville for surgery. But I had a good experience with the first knee replacement I had done at Flaget last year, and this year I had a good experience again with the second knee surgery.


If I go to a Louisville hospital, I spend two hours looking for a parking space, and the staff in Louisville is not personal. I like it at Flaget much better. This hospital is very accessible.


The staff here is great, from nursing to housekeeping to physical therapy. If they have a bad day, you'd never know it. It's a close-knit place that feels like family.  To me, the bigger hospitals don't have the time for you. They're too busy. I'd choose this hospital over any I've ever been in.


The physical therapists give you a good workout. It hurts, but in the long run, it's great.


This is a clean hospital, and the grounds are beautiful.


Everybody at Flaget has been awesome. When you come in to be admitted, they give you the opportunity to ask questions. They're on their toes. When you come in for surgery, they get right to it. If I could have any surgery done at Flaget, any procedure, I'd have it done here. They're absolutely great.




 I had a total knee replacement done the same time last year at Flaget. Now I just had the second knee replacement. I really like my Doctor. And I like the cleanliness of the hospital and the friendliness of the staff; everybody is so nice.


I've never had a view like this out my window. I love it. Everything is different about this hospital. I like the private rooms. In other hospitals, you share a room, and the other people are often noisy. I get rest here.


I like the physical therapists - they treat me personally.


I have been in hospitals where, if you needed something, you had to wait for hours, even for help to go to the bathroom. If you didn't have a family member in there to help you, you were hurting. The staff is so nice here. If you need something, they're right there to help you. I would recommend this hospital to everyone. I am really satisfied.


If I have my shoulder operated on, I'm thinking of coming back here.




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