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Heart Care at Flaget Memorial Hospital

Extending Our Caring Hands Right to Your Heart

To schedule an appointment, please call 859.313.2255. Our voicemail is confidential so messages can be left any time we are not open. 

When patients come to Flaget Memorial Hospital, they get more than the best cardiac care in the region - they get personalized, compassionate Bardstown heart care. Our physicians, nurses and staff know every patient by name, and it shows in our mission. We extend our caring hands to the residents of Washington, Spencer, Bullitt, LaRue, Nelson, Marion and Hardin counties.

Chest Pain Center Accreditation

Flaget Memorial Hospital has received Chest Pain Center accreditation from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care.

Hospitals that earn this accreditation treat heart attack patients much more quickly and effectively during the critical 90-minute window when the heart muscle can be preserved. When a facility achieves Chest Pain Center status, it means you have created a system that is state-of-the-art for treating heart attack patients.

Comprehensive Cardiology Evaluation and Treatment

The cardiologist at Flaget Memorial Hospital makes rounds every day of the week, providing comprehensive evaluation, referral and medical treatment for patients with heart disease and related conditions. Our cardiologist works closely with Sleep Care to evaluate sleep apnea patients for possible heart disease. Each evaluation is individualized based on the needs of the patient. This personalized approach addresses every aspect of a patient's life, from current medical condition to lifestyle modifications and education. Our goal is the complete wellness of each and every patient.

The Bardstown heart care team at Flaget Memorial Hospital recognizes the needs of every patient we see. We care about your heart. We care about you.

Heart Health Risk Assessment

Learn more about your heart health and your risk for developing heart disease by answering a few questions with our free online Heart Health Risk Assessment.

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