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Joint Replacement

If you’re suffering with stiff and painful joints, even small tasks can feel like monumental challenges. And while medication or physical therapy may help ease your pain, sometimes surgery may be your best solution for long-term relief.

At CHI Saint Joseph Health, our board-certified, fellowship trained surgeons specialize in joint replacement of the hips, knees shoulders, wrists and ankles – all common, highly successful treatments for people living with severe pain caused by arthritis, injury or other joint-related conditions. The procedure involves removing damaged bone and cartilage and implanting a state-of-the-art mechanical joint.

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Relief Starts with Central Kentucky’s Joint Replacement Specialists

Our joint replacement program has brought life-changing relief to thousands of men and women throughout our Lexington and central and eastern Kentucky communities. We’re here to do the same for you through:

Full Range of Options

Your surgeon will work closely with you to find the right procedure, depending on the severity of your condition and your unique needs and preferences. In addition to total joint replacement, we also specialize in joint repair and reconstruction, as well as partial joint replacement.

Better Precision, Less Incision

Orthopedic surgeons at CHI Saint Joseph Health are trained in some of the most sophisticated techniques and technology available in joint replacement. That includes 3D, computer-guided navigation systems for hip and knee replacements, allowing for exact positioning of your implant while helping preserve healthy bone.

We also offer the latest, most minimally invasive options like anterior hip replacement surgery, a muscle-sparing alternative to traditional hip replacement. For you, this may mean significantly less pain and blood loss, fewer complications, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

Total Support for the Journey

We know joint replacement surgery can feel overwhelming. That’s why our Joint Academy is designed to put you at ease. Every step of your journey is highly coordinated, starting with pre-operative testing and an educational class so you know just what to expect before, during and after your procedure. We’ll then guide you seamlessly through surgery, physical therapy and life with your new joint.

Along the way, you’ll also have the support of your own multi-skilled team, including a personal nurse navigator to help coordinate your care, answer questions and provide extra support when you need it.

Joint Replacement Rehab and Recovery

We offer a specially designed program, plus the latest implant technology and surgical techniques. Working one-on-one with a physical therapist, you may be up and walking the same day as surgery and back home in as little as 24 hours.

Find Orthopedic Care Near You

At CHI Saint Joseph Health, you never have to travel far for relief:

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