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Hip Replacement Gives Winchester Man New Lease on Life

July 10, 2023 Posted in: Orthopedic Care  2 minute read time

Winchester resident Chester “Chet” Ayers, 61, is again tilling in his summer garden thanks to a double total hip replacement he had last year at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

A former horse driver and trainer and house painter, Ayers says his journey started with knee pain in 2020. 

“I was coming home from work every day with radiating pain in my knees,” Ayers said. “I was icing my knees every day. I would have never thought it was my hips. I went to my doctor  and they said my knees were perfect and that the pain was caused by bone-related nerve pain in both of my hips.”

After X-rays confirmed the issues in his hips, his doctor referred Ayers to Dr. James Rollins Jr. with CHI Saint Joseph Medical GroupOrthopedics in Mount Sterling. Soon after, Ayers had his first total hip replacement in April 2022, then replaced his left hip in December 2022. 

“I’m almost six months out from my second replacement, and I’ve planted my garden, been mowing and weed eating like I didn’t have surgery,” Ayers said. “It was a tough surgery and recovery for the first hip, but rehab got me back up and running.”

Chet Ayers

A Quick Recovery

Ayers said he completed physical therapy at CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Orthopedics in Winchester, about 10 minutes from his home, following both surgeries. Ayers said he didn’t know what to expect from physical therapy for his hips, but he knew it was crucial for his recovery. Ayers had spinal surgery after a horse training injury more than 20 years ago and underwent extensive physical therapy.

“It was a quick recovery because of the rehab,” Ayers says. “It was agitating at first because I didn’t know why they were pushing me so hard, but I learned that it was because they knew I could do more than I thought I would be able to after the hip replacement. I’m very happy with my recovery and the results of the surgery, and Dr. Rollins is amazing.”

Ayers appreciates the relationship he developed with Dr. Rollins during the course of his treatment. 

“I believe in the power of God, and I think God brought me to Dr. Rollins,” Ayers said. “He prayed for me both times before surgery, and I like that he listened to K-Love during the surgery. I play a lot of their songs on guitar with the church band on Sundays.”

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Helps Patients Heal

CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Orthopedics at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling have board-certified orthopedic surgeons and support staff who diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, using nonsurgical options, such as physical therapy, as well as some of the most advanced surgical techniques available to treat chronic bone and joint disorders, sports-related injuries and more. 

Dr. Rollins recommends orthopedic rehabilitation following surgery because it’s critical for recovery. The rehabilitation team creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient to help them regain strength, mobility and increased quality of life.  

“Physical therapy is one key to recovery after any kind of joint replacement surgery,” said Dr. Rollins, who performed both of Ayers’ surgeries at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling. “While the surgery is minimally invasive, it’s important to be up and moving as soon as possible following surgery to strengthen the muscles around the joints. To regain and retain mobility, patients need to stay active.”

Bone, joint or muscle pain can really hurt – especially when they keep you from what you love. At CHI Saint Joseph Health, we can help you get back on track. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 859.313.2255 or find an orthopedic provider online.

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