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What to Expect After Delivery

Post-Partum Rooms

After your baby is born, you will need some time to recover both physically and emotionally.  Our post-partum rooms are also private and spacious and allow for new moms and families to bond with their new baby.

Kangaroo Care

Mothers are encouraged to bond with their baby through Kangaroo Care, a form of skin-to-skin contact with parent and their baby.  The baby, wearing only a diaper, is held in an upright position against the parent's bare chest. The baby is held this way for 20 minutes to four hours a day.  This is called Kangaroo Care because it is similar to the way a baby kangaroo is snuggled against its mother.

Lactation Consultant

We offer board-certified lactation counselors to help educate and support new mothers and their families on the importance of breastfeeding.  Each room comes with a glider for mothers to make breastfeeding more comfortable.

Level I Newborn Nursery

Equipped with advanced monitoring and technology, our Level I Newborn Nursery is staffed by skilled and caring obstetricians and nurses who are all there to put you at ease while your baby is not with you.  All staff are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation.

Hugs® Security System

To ensure the safety of your newborn, we use the state-of-the-art Hugs® security system where an electronic tag is attached to one foot, which allows them to be monitored 24/7.  In addition, our birthing center is a locked unit with secure systems of check-in and check-out.  You can rest easy knowing your baby is comfortable, safe and in a secure environment.

Find a Provider

Find a primary care provider or specialist near you in our extensive network of clinics and hospitals.

To-Do Checklist for a Healthy Pregnancy

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COVID-19 Vaccine: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Vaccination is the best way to reduce the risks of COVID-19 infection and related complications for both you and your baby.

Maternity Education Classes

Maternity Education Classes

Learn more about the childbirth and breastfeeding classes we offer, and register today.