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Saint Joseph London

Pediatric & Adolescent Services

Emergency Care

We recognize that you can have an emergency situation arise. If it is life threatening, please call 911 immediately. If less threatening, please call the office so we can direct you to the appropriate care location. If it is not possible for you to contact us, then please take your child to Saint Joseph-London Emergency Department. The emergency room physician will contact the on-call doctor, so we may help direct your child's care.


Please let us know of any visits to emergency rooms, immediate care centers or specialists as soon as possible so that proper referrals can be made by our referral specialists.

Expectant Parent
Prenatal visits are always welcomed and encouraged. Please call our office to schedule a complimentary prenatal visit. We will be delighted to talk with you and give you a personal tour of the office at that time.

The first office visit after discharge is usually at two weeks. However, if you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to call us or bring your baby in to see us at any time. The first month as a new parent is a joyous yet tiring time. We want to help you so please call with your questions. This is what we are here for.

We also welcome any and all suggestions you may have for better serving your patient care needs.

Fees and Payments

We ask that you make your payment or co-pay when you sign in at the front desk. If you have a billing question or financial difficulties, please feel free to discuss this with our staff on your way out. We will be happy to work with you any way possible so please keep us informed. Please also let us know if there are any changes in your insurance so we can file the necessary forms.