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Why Choose Our Emergency Services?

At CHI Saint Joseph Health, we understand that emergencies are stressful enough without having to wait hours for the care you need. That’s why we’ve made enhancements to make your experience faster than ever. During emergency room peak hours, an experienced nurse determines the level of care you need and begins the treatment process.

Our commitment to faster care comes without sacrificing the quality and compassion you expect from CHI Saint Joseph Health. No matter your emergency or immediate care needs, we’re here for you with:

Dedicated Emergency Care Teams

Each of our ERs offers around-the-clock care from highly skilled emergency medicine physicians, nurses and support staff. They’re backed by on-call experts in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and more, plus all the resources from CHI Saint Joseph Health—one of the largest health systems in the region.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

From the latest in MRI and ultrasound, to new lightning-fast CT that can scan the entire body in seconds, we have the tools to quickly diagnose the problem and put you on the fast track to treatment.

Nationally Accredited Heart Attack Programs

If you’re experiencing heart attack symptoms, we won’t miss a beat. Many CHI Saint Joseph Health emergency rooms are fully certified Chest Pain Centers or ACE-accredited facilities. That means we have the team and processes in place to treat cardiac events in their earliest—and most critical—stages. We also offer dedicated programs for the most serious type of heart attack, called STEMI (ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction). Through seamless coordination between paramedics at the scene and our emergency physicians, we have dramatically reduced the time to treatment.

Rapid-Response Stroke Care

When it comes to stroke, time lost is brain lost. That’s why our emergency teams are ready to act as soon as symptoms start, using clot-busting medications and other interventions that save lives and help prevent long-term disability. It’s that rapid-response care—and superior patient outcomes—that have earned many of our hospitals Primary and Advanced Primary Stroke Centers certification by the Joint Commission.

Trauma Care and Transport

Our specially trained staff can stabilize all critical illnesses and injuries that come through our doors. We also arrange for rapid transfer to designated trauma centers nearby, and help coordinate follow-up care.

Video Conferencing for Mental Health

If you or a loved one suffers a mental health crisis, you now have access to virtual support whenever you need it. Counselors at Our Lady of Peace  in Louisville use special equipment to speak confidentially with patients via video and determine the best treatment. If inpatient care is needed, this also allows us to arrange a hospital room much sooner.

Peace and Calm, Even in Emergencies

A trip to the ER can make anyone feel anxious, but our locations are specially designed to put you at ease. On arrival, you’ll be met with spacious reception and waiting areas, separate triage sections and private or semi-private treatment rooms to maximize comfort for you and your family.

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