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A diagnosis of breast cancer can feel both scary and overwhelming. But at CHI Saint Joseph Health, we combine compassionate care with the most advanced technology available to help you fight the condition with confidence.

Each of our cancer centers across Kentucky is staffed by some of the region’s leading breast cancer specialists. Together, this dedicated team—which may include medical and radiation oncologists, breast surgeons, breast radiologists, highly trained nurses, therapists and more—will work with you to create the best possible treatment plan.

We focus on caring for the whole you—mind, body and spirit—and offer access to a full range of cancer support services.

Learn more about our treatment options below. To make your appointment with a caring specialist, find a breast health expert online.

Types of Treatment We Offer

Treatment of breast cancer depends on many factors, including your overall health and wellness, the stage of the cancer (early or advanced), hormone sensitivity of the tumor and your personal feelings around certain treatments and possible side effects. Our goal is keep you feeling well throughout treatment without major changes to your usual routine.

Your personal treatment plan may include one or a combination of:

Breast Cancer Surgery 

Surgery is the most common treatment for early breast cancer. Depending on the stage of the cancer, there are different types of surgery available:

  • Lumpectomy: Removal of the tumor and some surrounding tissues.
  • Total mastectomy: Removal of the entire affected breast, but no lymph nodes or muscle.
  • Modified radical mastectomy: Removal of the affected breast as well as any lymph nodes under the arm where the cancer has spread.
  • Skin/nipple sparing mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction: One of our skilled plastic surgeons can restore the breast mounds using your own tissue or from other areas of the body, either at the same time or following a mastectomy. 


Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells with medicines delivered in varied cycles through either an IV or a pill. It may be used to shrink a tumor before surgery, to kill cancer cells that remain in the body after surgery or radiation or to treat tumors that have developed in other areas. Whenever possible, we use newer medications that help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high energy X-rays to shrink or kill cancer cells. Radiation may also be used to help prevent recurrence of disease. These brief, painless treatments can be specifically directed at the part of the body where the cancer is located. Treatments are delivered by linear accelerators, where patients lie on a table in a specially designed room.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy uses medication to block the use of estrogen by the cancer cells, as some types of breast cancer rely on estrogen and/or progesterone to grow. These cells are referred to as “hormone receptor positive” cancer cells. If a tumor is not deemed hormone receptor positive, then hormone therapy is not usually used.

Biological Therapy

Biological therapy works with the body’s own immune system to help destroy cancer cells or to assist in controlling side effects resulting from other cancer treatments.

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