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Our Philosophy

Every person, and every cancer, is unique. With that guiding understanding, CHI Saint Joseph Health is committed to delivering compassionate, high-quality care to patients and families through:

Patient-Centered Care

You are the expert in your cancer experience, and we can offer the medical knowledge and skill. You know your own body and personal needs, preferences and hopes. Our dedicated oncologists and support staff are here to listen wholeheartedly, and provide the education and open communication you and your family need to be active and empowered participants in your care.

Team Approach

CHI Saint Joseph Health brings together some of the region’s leading cancer specialists, who leverage their combined expertise to give you the best possible outcome. This multidisciplinary team—including medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, oncology trained nurses, radiologists and more—work closely together and with you through every phase of treatment.

Focus on the Whole Person

Our cancer team treats the whole person and never just the disease. That means we’re committed to caring for every part of you—physical, emotional, social and spiritual. You and your family have access to a full range of no or low-cost support services, including educational resource centers; one-on-one counseling with a clinical dietitian, chaplain and social worker; access to physical therapists and mental health specialists; and ongoing support groups to connect with others impacted by cancer.

Commitment to Excellence

CHI Saint Joseph Health brings the highest standards of care to the communities we serve. We regularly and voluntarily submit our programs for national accreditations, which involve rigorous evaluation from leading organizations. Earning these distinctions not only helps elevate our own standards of care, but can give you extra piece of mind and confidence to face cancer head-on.  

Ease of Access

After a cancer diagnosis, your focus should be on healing, not traveling. That’s why we’re proud to offer full-service cancer centers and specialty services throughout Kentucky, close to your home and family. Many of our locations bring together medical and radiation oncology, advanced imaging and comprehensive support under one roof. There are no larger medical complexes to navigate—parking is just a few feet away. For your convenience, we also offer flexible scheduling and will help coordinate multiple appointments on the same day.

Prevention and Early Detection

Your best defense against cancer is to prevent it from occurring, or catching it in its earliest stages, when it’s highly treatable or curable. We provide the latest and most effective cancer screenings, including all-digital and 3D /mammography, low-dose lung CT scans and more to detect even the smallest of tumors. Advanced imaging services, including CT, MRI and ultrasound, are also available at our convenient outpatient locations to help confirm a diagnosis and put you on the fast track to treatment.

If you have a family history of cancer, we also offer complementary genetic cancer counseling to address any hereditary concerns. If needed, your counselor will also coordinate genetic testing, walk through the results and discuss next steps.

Constant Innovation

In addition to cancer screenings, CHI Saint Joseph Health also invests heavily in some of the most advanced treatments and technology available. That includes the latest radiation therapies, which deliver highly powerful radiation directly to the tumor, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue and minimizing side effects. We also offer minimally invasive robotic surgical techniques, offering cancer patients significantly less pain, fewer complications and faster recovery. And we are able to provide access to ongoing cancer clinical trials.

Bringing Hope and Healing to All

As part of our faith-based mission, CHI Saint Joseph Health cares for everyone who walks through our doors, including those who are uninsured, underinsured or unable to pay. Many physicians and other Kentucky hospitals refer patients to us for this very reason, knowing they’ll get the expert care they need without cost concerns getting in the way.

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