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Finding Cancer Care Close to Home

September 28, 2021 Posted in: Cancer Care

Brandi Greenwell, 31, knew her family history of cancer meant that she needed to be vigilant about her body. 

In February, as she was carrying a sippy cup to her 3-year-old, she did a quick breast check as she often did, but this time she felt a marble-sized lump. She called to schedule a mammogram right away. 

That week, the mammogram and, soon after, a biopsy revealed her worst fear: breast cancer. 

But treatment got underway quickly at the CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cancer Care Center at Flaget Memorial Hospital; within weeks, Brandi had a mastectomy that was later followed with chemotherapy. 

Brandi, a mom of two and employee at American Fuji Seal, now visits the cancer center every three weeks for chemotherapy. 

"When I come here, they feel like family," she said of the nurses, several of whom popped their heads in to check on her one recent morning. "It's the best group of people I've met." 

Brandi, a former employee of Flaget Memorial Hospital, said she is grateful to have the center close to her home. 

"When you're not feeling well, I can't imagine having to drive to Louisville," she said. "I would definitely recommend this cancer center to everybody." 

Learn more about the CHI Saint Joseph Health - Cancer Care Center at Flaget Memorial Hospital or call our Hope Line at 844.940.4673 to schedule a screening.

Brandi Greenwell

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