Affiliation with UK

Affiliation with University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy


Saint Joseph Hospital is located only a few blocks away from the University of Kentucky and enjoys a collaborative relationship with the College of Pharmacy. The UK College of Pharmacy enjoys an international reputation for excellence, and in several recent national surveys of program quality, was ranked among the top three colleges of pharmacy in the country. The College offers a four-year professional curriculum leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree with approximately 350 students, a graduate program in the Pharmaceutical Sciences leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree with 65 to 70 students, and a Post-Doctoral Scholars program with 20 to 25 students.


Experiential and didactic teaching has long been integrated into the Department of Pharmacy at Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph Hospital serves as an advanced pharmacy practice experience site for up to 40 Doctor of Pharmacy students each year. Student experiences include community hospital practice, as well as clinical pharmacy practice in the areas of internal medicine, critical care, cardiology, and infectious diseases. All members of the clinical pharmacy staff have faculty appointments at the College and serve as preceptors for student practice experiences. In addition, members serve as course coordinators at the College of Pharmacy