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Prepare for Your Stay

Before Your Arrival

  • Make arrangements to take care of your children and pets housing, food and general care needs
  • Arrange for transportation
  • Have an infant car seat professionally installed
  • Send your medical records as requested by your doctor
  • Ask your insurance company if you need a managed-care referral from your primary doctor and/or pre-authorization for your stay. Follow the instructions of your managed-care provider.
  • Let us know if you have special needs, cultural or religious practices that will require special accommodations.
  • The Women's Hospital Saint Joseph East has an Obstetrics (OB) Hospitalist Program that is available 24/7 to help address any concerns you may have.
holding baby shoes

Patients Personal Supply List

  • Personal ID (passport, State issued ID or driver's license)
  • Co-pay required by your insurance provider and insurance card(s)
  • Medications you take on a regular basis. Please write your name on the containers and inform your nurse. Be sure to take these medications home with you upon discharge
  • A comfort item (picture of family/pets, blanket, etc.)
  • Favorite snacks or drinks (per approval from doctor)
  • Books or other activities for entertainment
  • List of phone numbers for family members
  • A comfortable bathrobe, pair of pajamas, non-skid slippers or socks
  • Personal toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Glasses, dentures, hearing aid or other assistive devices you may need. Please ask the nurse for a container to protect these items. Please label these and other personal items with your name and any instructions your physician may have provided
  • ATM card/cash/calling card for gift shop, long distance calls (local calls are free) and other purchases
  • Appropriate transportation equipped with an approved car seat for newborn

Planned and Scheduled Surgery

For our patients having surgery, we suggest the essentials, such as a pair of socks, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush or comb, deodorant or other personal hygiene items that make you more comfortable. For our day surgery patients, we only suggest bringing a pair of socks.

Labor and Delivery

Our team suggests a small bag containing the baby's book, glasses, contact case and solution, lip moisturizer and two pair of socks. The temperature of the room may feel cool, so a sweatshirt is a beneficial item for your significant other.

If you have a scheduled delivery, we suggest planning to take some of your personal effects home or place in your vehicle between your delivery time and your move to postpartum.


Our team suggests bringing two pair of non-skid socks/slippers and a robe for walking in the hospital halls; two maternity panties will be provided by the hospital. Your baby will need laundered clothes and a light and/or medium weight blanket for traveling.

The hospital does not have an area to secure your valuables. Please leave valuables such as jewelry, purses/wallets, cellular phones and video cameras at home. We are unable to assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

A Gift from Your Women's Hospital Team

The Women's Hospital Saint Joseph East provides your baby with a hospital blanket upon discharge as a keepsake of your experience with us.

Baby yawning

Preparing to Leave

When you have been discharged by your physician you will be given instructions concerning medications, diet restrictions and follow-up medical visits.

Please be sure to have a friend, family member or transportation service arrange to pick you up by noon the day of your planned discharge. State law requires that parents use a car seat for infants that are secured in the back seat according to the manufacturer's specifications. We recommend you practice using the car seat prior to leaving the hospital.

Post-discharge Support

Our friendly Case Managers are available to assist you with all your discharge questions including home health and medical equipment. When you are ready to leave the hospital, a member of our team will escort you by wheelchair to the hospital entrance.

Medical Records

Copies of your health records will be provided upon written request and for a reasonable fee.

Please call the Women's Hospital Saint Joseph East at 859.967.5705, if you have additional questions or if you would like to schedule a tour of our facilities.

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