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Newborn Nurseries and Neonatal Intensive Care

Our hospitals are equipped with Level I nurseries that are staffed with doctors and nurses certified in neonatal resuscitation. Your baby will be cared for by a team that has access to advanced monitors and technology. We’ll keep a close eye and be at the ready should your baby need any extra help.

We also have a Level III nursery, located at the Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East. This nursery is for babies that need more advanced care. We have board-certified neonatologists and specialized nurse practitioners ready to work with you around the clock. They’ll develop a custom care plan for your baby’s needs.

Parental Participation

Babies thrive when their parents are near and help in their care, so we encourage new moms and dads to come get involved. Kangaroo care is one of our core philosophies and we help parents bond with their babies through this specialized care whenever possible.

We’ll be there to care for your baby but to also care for you as you process the experience. We’ll help you learn how to care for your baby, support you through feedings, and alleviate worries when we can. We’ve even got a special room for you to stay for the night for extra support when your baby is healthy enough to go home.

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