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Neurology Care at Saint Joseph Hospital

The Future has Arrived

Saint Joseph Hospital, part of CHI Saint Joseph Health, is the first hospital in Kentucky and only the tenth in the U.S. to use real-time CT technology in the operating room during surgery for timely and informed decision-making when treating brain and spinal tumors.  With Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT, we can offer advanced and value-added treatment options for our patients.

The portable 32-slice CT scanner has the potential to change daily life in the surgery space for surgeons Matthew Tutt, MD , Robert Owen, MD, Gabriel Phillips, MD and Travis Hunt, MD, offering mobility, flexibility and access to real-time patient images, aiding decision-making in the operating room.

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Verifying one's work intraoperatively may reduce re-operation rates, decrease overall costs and lead to improved patient care.  Intraoperative imaging can also offer patients the benefit of a less-invasive surgical procedure, reduced trauma, faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays.

Saint Joseph Hospital will use Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT as the new standard of care, potentially reducing the risk of repeat or revision surgery.  With this technology, surgeons can rely on intraoperative information to ensure that they have achieved the objective of the procedure, rather than wait for post-operative images to verify the results.

The very best in neurological and spinal treatment is at Saint Joseph Hospital - where the future has arrived.