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Sleep studies can lead to diagnosis to improve sleep and quality of life

(April 23, 2015) – Sleep is an essential part of our lives, affecting every aspect of one’s life, but many don’t get the quality of sleep they need. More than 75 percent of American adults say they frequently experience at least one symptom of a sleep-related problem in the past year, and 77 percent say their partner has a sleep related problem, most commonly attributed to snoring.

Ernest Begley of Mount Sterling, Kentucky had his first sleep study done a few years ago. He had complained to his primary care provider that he wasn’t feeling rested in the morning, and his provider thought a sleep study could help improve his life.

A number of underlying conditions can be addressed during a sleep study, aside from the most common - snoring - more serious conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement disorders, narcolepsy, gastroesophageal reflux and shift-work disorders are some of the common concerns.

Though some may feel intimidated by a sleep study, Mr. Begley says they shouldn’t be.

“Once I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and received treatment, I now breathe better overall. I don’t get stopped up like I used to, and I feel rested in the morning. I encouraged my wife to have a sleep study done and now she too is enjoying the benefits,” he said. “It was a pleasant experience, Mr. Begley added. “I’d definitely recommend it to someone with sleep issues.”

Terry Conley, 53, of Campton, had been experiencing trouble sleeping. His brother, who’d experienced similar symptoms, suggested he might go to Saint Joseph Martin, part of KentuckyOne Health for a sleep study program.

Conley first planned a visit to his primary care provider, who also recommended a sleep study. Since participating in the sleep study, Conley believes it positively impacted both his sleep pattern, and his overall health.

"I feel more rested, more alert and my entire body just feels better. I'm a diabetic and it seems like it even helped me in that area as well,” said Conley. “I'm so happy I decided to talk to my doctor about getting a sleep study, because it worked wonders for me.”

KentuckyOne Health Pulmonary Associates, located at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling is led by pulmonary interventionist Worawute Supaongptapa, MD. Family Medicine and Sleep Specialist Vijay Ammisetty, MD leads the Saint Joseph Sleep Wellness Center at Saint Joseph Martin.

For more information, call 859.497.5537 (Saint Joseph Mount Sterling) or 606.285.9989 (Saint Joseph Martin) or visit

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Thursday, April 23, 2015