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KentuckyOne Health Weight Loss and Surgery Associates First in the Area to Offer SIPS Bariatric Weight Loss Procedure - Archived


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KentuckyOne Health Weight Loss and Surgery Associates
First in the Area to Offer SIPS Bariatric Weight Loss Procedure  

Louisville, Ky. (October 3, 2017) – Dr. Robert Farrell with KentuckyOne Health Weight Loss and Surgery Associates, part of KentuckyOne Health, is the first in the Kentuckiana area to perform the stomach intestinal pylorus sparing surgery (SIPS).

“The SIPS procedure is an effective way for many patients to control their calorie intake and absorption, in order to lose weight and keep their bodies healthy,” said Robert Farrell, MD, KentuckyOne Health Weight Loss and Surgery Associates. “This procedure has been shown to enhance weight loss results, and can resolve or improve type 2 diabetes.”  

Additional benefits include low risk of post-surgical complications, and an option for revisional surgery for patients who have had a previously performed sleeve gastrectomy.

During the SIPS procedure, the stomach is cut into a much smaller size, similar to the traditional sleeve gastrectomy. By creating a smaller stomach, the patient experiences improved hunger control and restriction of food intake.

An additional advantage of the SIPS procedure is that the pylorus, which is an important part in the absorption of nutrition and several components of digestion, stays intact. This procedure re-routes the small bowel with a single loop of anastomosis – connections between loops of the intestine – causing food to bypass a part of the small bowel, which decreases calorie absorption.

As with any surgery, there are risks that should be considered with the SIPS bariatric procedure. Those considering weight loss surgery should talk to their doctor about which treatment may be best for them. A physician will analyze a patient’s age, body mass index (BMI), body shape, and diabetes or A1c levels when determining if they are a good candidate for SIPS.

For more information about the SIPS procedure, call 502.350.5493 to sign up for an informational seminar.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017