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KentuckyOne Health Announces Evolution of its Structure for Care in Kentucky - Archived



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KentuckyOne Health Announces Evolution of its Structure for Care in Kentucky

Louisville, KY – May 12, 2017 – KentuckyOne Health, a leading health system committed to bringing wellness, healing and hope to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, announced today the next evolution of its approach to care. KentuckyOne Health will focus its operations on a smaller footprint centered in central and eastern Kentucky. In doing so, the organization will be better positioned to continue focusing on quality patient care, continue to invest in opportunities for growth and improve the overall health and wellness of individuals across Kentucky.

Facilities of the new structure of KentuckyOne Health will include Our Lady of Peace, Flaget Memorial Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East, Saint Joseph Jessamine, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling, Saint Joseph London and Saint Joseph Berea, as well as KentuckyOne Health Partners Clinically Integrated Network and KentuckyOne Health Medical Group provider practices in central and eastern Kentucky and Bardstown.

“Since the creation of KentuckyOne Health in 2012, and through our dedicated employees and physicians, KentuckyOne Health has achieved many accomplishments. We have helped break down barriers to care in our communities; introduced new and advanced models of care; supported growth and opportunities for our employees and physicians, and helped make our communities stronger,” said Ruth W. Brinkley, president and CEO of KentuckyOne Health. “We have also acknowledged the significant challenges to our integrated vision and our long-term success. The great change and great uncertainty in the health care industry has strained our financial health. Market forces have evolved to the point that change is needed to allow ongoing support for health and wellness in Kentucky.”

As part of the evolution of KentuckyOne Health, ownership and operation of select facilities, predominantly in Louisville, will transition to a different organization. Work is underway to identify future owners who will be better equipped to continue the commitment to quality care, employee engagement and community support. KentuckyOne Health will continue to deliver care and support services at all facilities and provider practices throughout this transition.

Facilities in this transition are Jewish Hospital, Frazier Rehab Institute, Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Medical Centers Jewish East, South, Southwest and Northeast, Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, Saint Joseph Martin and KentuckyOne Health Medical Group provider practices in Louisville and Martin. KentuckyOne Health will continue to operate and remains committed to these facilities and services until the time of transition.

“This decision has been made with great care and consideration. New owners and operators of the facilities outside of our central and eastern community focus will have the resources and ability to continue to deliver care, support employees and physicians and engage the community,” added Brinkley. “We understand this will bring change and questions to our employees and community partners. We have an extensive transition program underway to ease the change and ensure focus on our priories to our patients and our partners.”

Throughout the transition process, KentuckyOne Health will be committed to several key objectives to support patients, employees and the community:

·      Maintain safe, quality care and access to health services for all patients and their families. Delivering safe, quality patient care will always be our number one priority.

·      Maintain engagement with employees, physicians and partners, easing the transition process and shaping opportunities for the future. People are what makes an organization successful. KentuckyOne Health will work hard to ensure ongoing opportunities for employment and growth for all team members and minimize disruption through the ownership transition.

The vision to bring wellness, healing and hope to all will remain the focus for KentuckyOne Health. This decision evolves the organization’s structure to allow for continued delivery of that vision in central and eastern Kentucky through the facilities and providers in the region. At the same time, work is underway to ensure the transition process is deliberate while moving quickly to secure a decision on the future owners and operators of these facilities.

More information will be provided throughout the transition.


Publish date: 

Friday, May 12, 2017