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Remembering Asia Ludlow James Graham Brown Cancer Center patient, spokesperson loses fight with cancer - Archived

Remembering Asia Ludlow
James Graham Brown Cancer Center patient, spokesperson loses fight with cancer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – University of Louisville President James R. Ramsey, Ph.D., and Donald Miller, M.D., Ph.D., director of UofL's James Graham Brown Cancer Center, issue the following statements on the death

Wednesday (July 2) from cancer of Asia Ludlow of Louisville:

"Asia Ludlow possessed great courage and an attitude that was so uplifting to all who came in contact with her. Her zest for life was an inspiration to all of us.

"Asia will always remain a driving force for everyone at UofL who work in the field of cancer to find the cures and preventions so that one day, no more lives are lost to this terrible disease.

"Cancer can be an all-encompassing experience, affecting every aspect of a person's life. Asia dealt with cancer head-on with hope and optimism. The disease was in her body, never in her spirit.

"To her daughters and other loved ones, we express our deepest sympathies. As we grieve for her loss, we hope that memories of Asia will provide some comfort to all who knew and loved her.

James R. Ramsey, President
University of Louisville


It is with great sadness that all of us at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, KentuckyOne Health and the University of Louisville mourn the loss of Asia Ludlow.

"Asia was a 2013 Survivor Ambassador at the Julep Ball, and the true champion that she was, she joined us again at the 2014 Julep Ball to share her story. We were honored again when she began volunteering at our M. Krista Loyd Cancer Resource Center, helping other patients with her unmatched spirit of hope and compassion.

"Asia first fought breast cancer and kept fighting as it spread throughout her body. She was strong and committed, keeping faithfully to the treatment regimen prescribed for her – but her experience reminds us again that cancer is still a formidable enemy despite all we have at our disposal to combat it.

"Her odyssey as a patient with cancer began in 2008 and ended all too soon this week in mid-2014. Her life, however, serves as a legacy to show how one person's grace, courage and caring heart can and does make a difference for others."

Donald Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Director
James Graham Brown Cancer Center

To see and hear Asia's message of hope in her own words, visit the James Graham Brown Cancer Center video here, her profile on Jean West's Medical Digest here and her interview with Urban Lifestylez here.

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Thursday, July 03, 2014