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Frazier Rehab Institute/Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation to receive funding for spinal cord rehab housing - Archived


In 2010, Jason Dierking competed in a half-Ironman together with his friend, Tom Morris. Just two years later, Tom was injured in a mountain biking accident, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Shortly thereafter, Tom came to Frazier Rehab Institute, continuing in the Outpatient Spinal Cord Medicine Program for many months.  But Tom lives in Bloomington, Ind.  Nearly two hours away. 


Jason Dierking created the Frazier Rehab Ironman Housing Fund to help offset the cost of local housing for out-of-town individuals in the Spinal Cord Medicine Outpatient Program at Frazier Rehab.


Jason made it his personal mission to raise $100,000 for the cause, and on November 12, will present a check to the Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation for the cause.


WHAT:           Frazier Rehab Ironman Housing Fund Check Presentation


WHEN:           Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at  3:30 p.m. 


WHERE:         Frazier Rehab Institute Lobby

                        220 Abraham Flexner Way

                        Louisville, KY 40202


WHO:              Jason Dierking, Founder, Frazier Rehab Ironman Housing Fund

                              Sherri Craig, Executive Director, Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation

                      Steve Ahr, Vice President, Frazier Rehab Institute

                      Darryl Kaelin, M.D., Owsley Brown Frazier Endowed Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation   Chief;     Associate Professor and Residency Director, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Medical Director, Frazier Rehab and Neuroscience Institute



Publish date: 

Monday, November 11, 2013