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Urology at Saint Joseph Berea

Urology Care

The American Foundation for Urologic Disease estimates that more than 12 million Americans suffer bladder control problems. In addition to urinary incontinence, medical staff urologists at Saint Joseph Berea provide surgical and non-surgical options for a broad range of diseases and disorders of the bladder, kidney, urinary tract and prostate. They also address problems in the male reproductive system.

Urologic care at Saint Joseph Berea is supported by innovative research programs - in both clinical care and basic science - that allow development of new therapeutic opportunities, including new treatments for prostate cancer, sexual problems, fertility issues and minimally invasive surgery. This focus on advancing the state of knowledge in urology leads to the compassionate and expert provision of state-of-the-art treatment.

Our patients receive urologic care in a warm and sensitive environment that allows them the opportunity to choose treatment opportunities that best suit their needs and desires.


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