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Treatment Options for Knee and Hip Pain

November 15, 2021 Posted in: HealthBreak , Orthopedic Care  2 minute read time

Video Transcript

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Knee and hip arthritis are the main reasons people need total joint replacements. But Dr. Adam Franson at CHI Saint Joseph Health in London says there are many treatment options that can help a person avoid that major procedure.

Dr. Adam Franson with CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group - Orthopedics

The first line of treatment is an anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen, Motrin). There's options for different kinds of injections. One is a steroid shot, and those you can get every three months on an arthritic joint. And so those can calm the inflammation and allow you to continue to function. 

The other injections you can receive are artificial joint fluid, and it shouldn't hurt any worse than a regular steroid shot. They help lubricate and help the joints glide and move. So they take some of the pressure and some of that pain you can have. 

Hopefully we can keep you active, keep you still doing the things you want to do. And certainly don't ever feel like when you go to see, at least me as a surgeon, surgery is the only option.

For more information, go to I'm Adrianne Flores.

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