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Talk to Your Primary Care Provider About Depression and Anxiety

April 18, 2022 Posted in: Primary Care , Health & Wellness  1 minute read time

Video Transcript

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If you're hesitant to see a psychiatrist about your depression or anxiety, there's another way to get help. Dr. Benjamin Neltner says your primary care physician is a great resource.

Dr. Benjamin Neltner with CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Primary Care

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common medical conditions that I'm seeing in my office. There's not a single day in clinic that goes by without dealing with either a new diagnosis or chronic exacerbation of anxiety or depression.They're so unbelievably common. 

I always ask the patient to walk me through their day. Are you able to complete your tasks? Are you performing well at your job or at home or in your relationships? Because if the depression symptoms or anxiety symptoms are interfering with the ability to function like your normal self, then I think that it's something that we need to address. 

We deal with these on every single day, whether it be with medication or referrals to therapists, or even in-office behavioral counseling, in order to help make patients feel better.

For more information, go to I'm Adrianne Flores.

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