Rehab After COVID-19

Rehab After COVID-19

06/21/21 Health & Wellness , Outpatient Rehabilitation

If you had COVID-19 and are still recuperating, rehabilitation could be vital to your full recovery.

“Continuing to move and exercise, even when not feeling well because of COVID-19, can help combat the effects we see in patients’ lungs such as pneumonia and decreased oxygen saturation, ” said Nathan McCauley, DPT, supervisor of rehabilitation at Flaget Memorial Hospital.

When Daily Functioning Changes

If you avoided the hospital after catching COVID-19 but are still having difficulty with daily activities, rehab can help.

“It may be more shortness of breath with household activity, fatigue from activity that was routine prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19, or for some, a mental fog,” McCauley said. “Physical, occupational, and sometimes even speech therapy for the cognitive component, are recommended. We monitor vital signs as we work to restore a person’s muscle strength, endurance and tolerance to daily activity to make sure the intensity of their rehab is in line with their current tolerance after their illness.”

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