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How a New Treatment Option for Emphysema is Improving Patients’ Quality of Life

November 07, 2022 Posted in: Health & Wellness  1 minute read time

Video Transcript

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Emphysema occurs at the end stages of pulmonary disease. The lungs lose their elasticity and can no longer push air out. Dr. Eli Colon talks about a new treatment option called an endobronchial valve.

Eliseo Colon, MD with CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine

The valves are placed with a bronchoscope with a minimally invasive procedure, and it basically goes to the area that is not ventilating, it's not functioning.

There, these one-way valves release the trapped air from this part of the lung. That gives room to the part of the lung that is still functioning, to be able to expand and exhale.

These valves are primarily for patients who are no longer responding to medications and have no other options to help them breathe normally.

All the studies are showing there's improvement in quality of life. Most of the difference is seen within the first two weeks. They have showed increase in ambulation, exercise capacity, even lung function tests.

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