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Going High Tech

Going High Tech

June 26, 2023 Posted in: Health & Wellness  2 minute read time


Saint Joseph Hospital recently became the first hospital in Kentucky to offer AI-assisted colonoscopies to screen for colorectal cancer.

“Having the assistance of artificial intelligence improves the rate of finding precancerous polyps by up to 50%,” said Kathleen Martin, MD, gastroenterologist with CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group. “If patients have polyps, we can do a better job of finding and removing them. This technology also makes us more confident in assuring average-risk patients with no polyps that they can wait 10 years before their next exam.”

Peace of Mind for Patients

The American Cancer Society recommends everyone at average risk for colorectal cancer begin screening at age 45. People at higher risk should talk to their providers about when to start screening.

“Colonoscopy is considered the gold standard for colorectal screening,” Dr. Martin said. “This is because polyps can be removed at a precancerous stage when they are not causing symptoms.”

Colonoscopies performed with AI-assisted technology are no different for the patient than standard colonoscopies. The technology just allows the physician to get a more detailed view.

“The AI software looks at the image with us and marks polyps with a box to make them easier for us to see,” Dr. Martin said. “The patient won’t notice any difference with the exam, but they get the reassurance that they are having the most thorough colorectal screening that is technologically possible.”

Early detection is often your best protection against cancer. Ask your CHI Saint Joseph Health health care provider for a cancer screening schedule, or find a provider today.

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