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Exercise Your Heart

Exercise Your Heart

February 27, 2023 Posted in: Heart & Vascular Care  2 minute read time


If you’re looking to improve your heart health, you may be wondering what kind of exercise to do.

In short — any exercise that gets your heart pumping is the way to keep it healthy.

“Aerobic exercise — brisk walking, running, etc. — is good for the heart but strength training has its place in heart health as well,” said Anna Goodlett, BSN, RN-BC, manager of cardiac rehabilitation, the electrophysiology and interventional radiology labs, and the cath labs at Saint Joseph Hospital. “Strength training decreases fat and increases muscle mass, allowing positive changes to your cholesterol levels and overall fitness and weight.”

Goodlett suggests getting the same amount of exercise as the American Heart Association recommends: at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise with two days of strength training per week.

“If reaching 150 minutes a week seems too big a stretch for you right now, start small,” she said. “Good habits build on each other and every step counts!”

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

CHI Saint Joseph Health’s cardiac rehabilitation program teaches patients how to live a healthier life after a cardiac event with exercise, nutrition and stress management.

“We teach patients how to get back to life, often in a healthier fashion than they led prior to their cardiac event,” Goodlett said. “We do this while monitoring their heart, ensuring they are exercising at a level that is safe for them, but also challenging enough to produce those good effects for their heart.”

Goodlett said there’s control when it comes to heart health.

“You may not be able to change your age or your family genes, but the steps you take toward a healthy lifestyle have a huge impact,” she said.

For more information on the cardiac rehabilitation programs at CHI Saint Joseph Health, call 859.313.4793.

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