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Celebrating Our People – Meet Stephanie

September 22, 2022 Posted in: Patients & Providers  2 minute read time

Saint Joseph London pharmacist Stephanie Taylor, PharmD, felt a spark when she connected her love for math and science and her desire to help others when she was shadowing a family member in a local clinic as a teenager.

“A distant relative had recently become a pharmacist and invited me to shadow him one Saturday morning during his shift at a small clinic pharmacy,” Stephanie said. “I'll never forget the feeling of mixing my first oral suspension of amoxicillin for a pediatric patient that day. I was hooked.”

Stephanie began working as a pharmacy tech in high school and continued to support herself while she was in college and pharmacy school in Lexington. Stephanie worked in retail and community pharmacy until 2015, when she had an opportunity to join the pharmacy team at Saint Joseph London.

“Hospital pharmacy is interesting because you are involved in caring for patients you may or may not meet,” Stephanie said. “I began to miss the connection with patients that I had as a community pharmacist. I started seeing an opportunity for the pharmacy to get involved in gathering medication histories at our facility. I knew that it would also allow me to serve our patient population and also allow me to make a more human connection [within my work].”

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie hopes to leave a patient feeling less scared or nervous when she comes to take their medication history. She enjoys interacting with others by helping fellow providers explain medications to patients, helping nurses with their medication needs on the floor and participating in the overall care and healing for each patient.

Stephanie, who said she likes to blend into the background, was recognized last year as Saint Joseph London’s Employee of the Year, for her efforts to expand her department’s reach, the medication reconciliation program and team building.

“I have felt so honored with the kind words others here have expressed to me about the small changes we have made and the large impact that has resulted on the daily work routines of others,” Stephanie said. “Being able to use my pharmacy experience and talent to help others feel as if their loads have been made lighter gives me joy.”

While work keeps Stephanie busy, she spends her free time with her family. She also enjoys gardening, a new hobby she said she recently discovered.

“I have been growing dahlias for a few years now,” Stephanie said. “During the summer, I am able to cut the flowers to make arrangements to share with family and friends.

“Our family hopes to have a successful vegetable garden [this year]. We’ve attempted it before, but we haven’t quite got the hang of it. It’s fun planting with the kids and watching them harvest from the seeds they’ve planted.”

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