Quentin Walker

Celebrating Our People – Meet Quentin

06/16/21 Patients & Providers

A Chain Reaction of Positive Energy

When he’s not at Saint Joseph East, shipping and receiving clerk Quentin Walker is on the airways with his radio show, “Beyond the Game.”

“When I left Saint Joseph, I went to go sell cars,” Quentin said. “A guy at the dealership, Joe – I owe everything to Joe – he had a gospel show on 93.9 FM. I was telling him I was thinking about starting a podcast. He said he could help me out but only if I was serious. I got everything he told me to get, and a month into it, he asked me to come on his gospel show for a sports segment. He said ‘Christians love sports, too.’

“I did the 15-minute segment, and he called me after and said I had a talent for being on the radio. He hounded me a week straight about getting me on the radio. One day, I told him to set it up. The assistant program director said they had one spot and it was the day I happened to have off at the time. It fell in my lap.”

While “Beyond the Game” is paused due to COVID-19 regulations in the radio station, Quentin said he’s turned to his podcast “He Said, She Said” to stay busy. He’s also using his clout to give back to the community.

When the Lion King movie came out in theaters in 2019, Quentin asked a local dealership to sponsor his podcast to rent out a movie theatre and give 144 tickets to underprivileged families to see the movie for free.

“We wanted to give back to the community,” Quentin said. “Everyone wanted to go see that movie, so we thought it would be great to give families a chance to see it.”

Quentin first began working at Saint Joseph East in 2009. He left for a short stint, and decided to return because of familiarity and comradery. 

“A guy who used to work here, Gerald McIntyre, got me to come to the stock room from dietary back when I first started,” Quentin said. “He kept everyone laughing. He was a happy soul. You couldn’t come in with a bad attitude around him. He would get a laugh or smile out of you before you left.”

Quentin said Gerald passed away in 2018. Quentin said he wants to keep Gerald’s legacy alive by making sure he spreads the energy like a chain reaction.

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