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Celebrating Our People – Meet Micah

May 25, 2023 Posted in: Patients & Providers

Connected to Caregivers

Connection is the result of embracing inclusivity and kindness, two values Saint Joseph Hospital human resources coordinator Micah Eastham exemplifies in his work and in his life.

Micah’s first connection with health care happened when he was a child suffering from infant respiratory distress syndrome. He recalls feeling included and the caregivers helped him feel as normal as possible despite staying in a hospital for treatment.

“Having those caregivers surround me and made me feel as normal as I could be,” Micah says. “I was young, but I remember having music therapy. They would come in, and I would sing with them and play guitar. As an 8-year-old kid in the hospital, it made it feel normal and being surrounded by an inclusive, loving patient care team meant a lot.”

Now in an administrative role within human resources, Micah is inspired by the kindness his caregivers showed him to help our caregivers with their needs, such as licensing, employment contracts and financial assistance for caregivers in need. 

“This is the environment I thrive in because there’s something different each day,” Micah says. “It’s fulfilling for me to see the impact of the work I do to help our people with their daily work.”

Micah Eastham

Investing in the Future of Others

Micah also finds fulfillment spending time as a mentor for the Lexington Leadership Foundation’s Amachi initiative. Micah joined in 2022 and spends time every week with his mentee. Micah says he wants to share the same experiences with his mentee that he experienced at his age.

“I went to camp and had a lot of mentors, and I remember them having a positive impact on my life, so I really wanted to make that same impact for someone else,” Micah says. “My mentee is in sixth grade, so we’ll go out and do something fun, like Malibu Jack’s or going to the dog park, but I also try to incorporate life lessons while we hang out.”

Micah says they have a running list ranking all of the restaurants in Lexington they’ve eaten at. He also says his mentee has introduced him to challenges and new hobbies, like soccer.

“We’re both big foodies, so he’s gotten to branch out and try different places,” Micah says.

Amachi assists children affected by incarceration through committed mentoring relationships. Amachi is a Nigerian word originating from the Ibo people that means “who knows but what God has brought us through this child.” Amachi strives to unlock potential in children through mentorship, and Micah says he’s learned as much from his mentee as they’ve learned from him.

“I have become a better listener and been able to understand some of the hoops and ladders that our youth today go through,” Micah says. “The lessons I teach him are also a good reminder for myself and can help me stay grounded.”

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