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Lori Abell

Celebrating Our People – Meet Lori

May 01, 2024 Posted in: Patients & Providers  3 minute read time

There’s nothing Lori Abell can’t do. 

Serving as executive assistant in administration from 2011 until this year, Lori is now the patient safety manager at Flaget Memorial Hospital, a new challenge she’s tackling head first. 

Lori continues to focus on supporting those in direct patient care. As executive assistant, she supports operations and administrative duties for the leadership team, and is the go-to person for employee engagement through her leadership role on the Spirit Team. Now she’s an advocate for patients and caregivers, ensuring everyone is safe in our facility. 

“Engaging with our caregivers, so ensuring they could take a break from the stressful jobs they have, have some fun and feel supported makes me feel proud of the part I play in our ministry as someone who cares for our caregivers,” Lori said. 

Stepping into a new role is pushing Lori to take a step out of her comfort zone.

“When I approached Jennifer [Nolan, who is president of Flaget Memorial Hospital,] about applying for this job, she was my biggest cheerleader,” Lori said. “I’ve learned to anticipate needs, think ahead and outside of the box. What I’ve learned in my old role will help me in this role.”

Although she’s on a new path, Lori says she has been supported along the way.

“I knew this was a Catholic hospital, and I grew up Catholic, but there was a moment of prayer after my interview that really touched me,” Lori said. “I felt the people who are working here are really in touch with the Catholic ministry. 

“When I left my interview, I thought, ‘I really hope I get this job; I think this is the perfect place for me.’ I knew this was the perfect place for me. I’ve found myself and grown a lot and I think a lot of it has to do with the people I’ve met who have been my cheerleaders and who embody our mission, vision and values.”

Lori is also pursuing her bachelor degree in health and human sciences. She earned her associates degree, but took time to figure out how she wanted to serve.

“I initially thought about being a dental hygienist,” Lori said. “Maybe there is something deep inside of me pulling me toward health care, but I learned I love taking care of people who are taking care of patients.”

Lori was recognized as Flaget Memorial Hospital’s Employee of the Year award recipient. She said a conversation with a colleague helped her realize the impact she makes. 

“He told me everybody is expected to do their job duties, and there are people who are passionate about it,” Lori recalled. “Then, she said, there are people who really go above and beyond no matter what their job duties are, and he told me I was one of those people who reaches for the stars.

“It is so humbling, and I’m honored to be nominated, let alone be named, employee of the year.”

Lori and her husband are raising their two sons, Alex and Aiden, and spend a lot of time together, roaming their 15-acres on side-by-sides, swimming in the pool, gardening and training their new dog. 

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