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Volunteer Orientation

New Volunteer Orientation is provided via this website to allow new volunteers/job shadowers to readily have access to information necessary for meeting orientation requirements for placement. This orientation must be completed prior to the first day of your placement.

Step 1:  Read the Volunteer Orientation Handbook

Step 2:  Please read Our Values and Ethics at Work Handbook and complete the Acknowledgment form below:

Step 3:  Read and fill out the:  

If you are under the age of 18, in addition to the above, please complete:  

Due to federal and state regulations, you will not be given a start date or be allowed to give any service,  until all the required paperwork has been received, including the orientation above and the health requirements below.

Step 4:  Health Requirements - TB Tests

All new volunteers will need turn in the results of 2 (TWO) recent TB tests (these need to be less than one year old). (There are some exceptions to this, based on your tb test history).  Contact the Volunteer Office of your choice to find out more about tb testing and what we can offer you. 

Step 5:  Health Requirements - Vaccination Records

  • We will need a copy of your vaccination records. Please do your best to fax this to us prior to your interview or bring it to your interview.
  • If you or a parent or guardian do not have a copy of your records, you might want to check with your high school (high schools keep these any where from 2 - 10 years after you have graduated) or your family physician.
  • There are 2 specific items we need to see on your vaccination record:

    • MMR: 2 dates.
    • Varicella: Either evidence you have had the vaccination, or you have had chicken pox. 

  • If you are unable to obtain a copy of your vaccination record, or if your vaccination record is not complete with the items listed above, we will administer a blood test to check for these items, which we will do in our lab at no charge to you.
  • If the lab test results indicate you are not immune to one or more of these items, you will need to follow up with your primary care provider to receive a vaccination booster, and turn the documentation into the volunteer office.

Step 6:  Health Requirements - Flu Vaccination (October - April)

Mandatory flu vaccines support our Purpose and our Values. 

  • Providing a safe environment for our patients is our responsibility.
  • It is our moral obligation not to infect others, especially those in our care.
  • A mandatory flu program protects our patients from further injury, supporting our values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence.
  • A Mandatory flu vaccine program demonstrates a commitment to employee and volunteer health and safety, reduces absenteeism and enhances productivity. 


As one of our physicians state:

“Are we upholding our mission if a severely compromised patient, perhaps one in our cancer program or one who has just received a transplant or had open heart surgery, is recovering nicely and then contracts the flu from an employee and dies?”

All of our locations can offer the flu vaccination to you free of charge (please call the location of your choice to find out dates and times), OR you can get your flu vaccination elsewhere and bring us documentation.  If you get the flu vaccine elsewhere, your documentation should include:

  • You name and date of birth
  • The type of vaccine given
  • The date of the injection
  • The signature of the person who gave you the injection

Not required for all volunteer assignment but recommended - Hepatitis B Vaccination:

A Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended but not required for most volunteer assignments. The Hepatitis B vaccination IS required for all Baby Cuddlers.  We are not able to offer this vaccination to you.

Not required for all volunteer assignment but recommended - TDap Vaccination:

A TDap vaccination is recommended but not required for most volunteer assignments. The TDap vaccination IS required for all Baby Cuddlers.  We are not able to offer this vaccination to you.

If you are a Job Shadower, click here to return to the Job Shadowing Program webpage.

Optional Print and Complete forms:

If you prefer to print out the individual orientation forms and fill them out by hand, please click below:

Optional print and complete orientation forms