Stroke Rehab Program

The experience of having a stroke can be overwhelming. The emergency room, the medical procedures and just being in the hospital can be traumatic. The unknowns are frightening, and the list of questions and confusions can seem endless. The Frazier Rehab Institute Stroke Rehab Program is here to guide you through your recovery process, provide you with outstanding care and help find answers to those nagging questions.

The Stroke Rehab Program offers a full continuum of services, providing comprehensive treatment throughout a patient’s entire recovery process with the primary goal of helping patients function at the highest levels possible. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehab Facilities (CARF) and led by an interdisciplinary team of medical and clinical professionals, the program focuses on improving patients’ communication abilities and physical and/or cognitive capabilities – all essential to mobility, self-care and psychosocial adjustment to stroke. Centered on wellness, the prevention of complications and life after a stroke, the program utilizes a stroke education group and other resources to make education and advocacy a top priority.

The program emphasizes teamwork, incorporating the patient and family as key team participants in therapy, personal care, stroke education and planning the return home. Because each patient enters Frazier at a different level of recovery, the patient’s rehab program is individually tailored to maximize his/her recovery. Available services include individual and group therapy, co-treatments, rehab nursing care, routine medical care and consultation, specialized diagnostic testing and family teaching.

Stroke recovery can be a long-term process, so many patients require outpatient therapy after they are discharged. Frazier also offers a stroke support group, with monthly meetings for both stroke survivors and family members, and weekly family meetings as well as a peer visitor program.


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Stroke Education and Recovery

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Support Groups

Join one of our monthly support groups for caregivers and survivors. Our support groups are designed to provide a place for you to build a supportive network for sharing common experiences. Sessions are led by a Frazier NeuroRehab Program staff member. Support groups include:

  • Aphasia Support Group
  • Aphasia Support Group for Caregivers
  • Brain Injury Survivor Support Group
  • Family and Caregiver Support Group

No registration required. See our upcoming support groups, dates and locations.