Spinal Cord Medicine Patient & Family Education

Patient And Family Handbook

The team at Frazier created a handbook that is designed to give you needed information to better understand spinal cord injury, disease or impairment and the tools appropriate to manage your health care needs successfully. 

This information is intended for both you and your family because they may be involved in assisting you with care needs while in the hospital and home environment. You can read the Handbook in any order you wish and your rehab team at Frazier Rehab Institute is available to address your questions and provide you additional information pertinent to your needs.

Following Chapter 18 below is a list of presentations that provide additional information on specific topics.

All materials are presented in PDF format and are designed for you to read and/or download onto your personal computer.  You may print any and all materials for your personal use only.  All materials are copyrighted and may not be altered in any manner.    

Spinal Cord Medicine Handbook For Patient & Family Education

Chapter 1 - Comprehensive Rehab
Chapter 2 - Anatomy of Spinal Cord, Facts and Figures About Injury
Chapter 3 - Bowel Care
Chapter 4 - Bladder Care
Chapter 5 - Skin Care
Chapter 6 - Medical Concerns
Chapter 7 - Lung Care
Chapter 8 - Cognition, Communication and Swallow
Chapter 9 - Nutrition
Chapter 10 - Self Care and Activities of Daily Living
Chapter 11 - Mobility
Chapter 12 - Equipment
Chapter 13 - Home Modifications
Chapter 14 - Psychological Care
Chapter 15 - Human Sexuality
Chapter 16 - Recreation and Wellness
Chapter 17 - Glossary  
Chapter 18 - Resource Guide    

Adapting the Home
Bladder Management
Bowel Management
Medical Concerns after Spinal Cord Injury
Nutrition and Recovery
Range of Motional Exercises
Skin Care

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