The Saint Joseph Volunteer Guild of Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East and Saint Joseph Jessamine is so proud to be able to offer scholarships to our Teen Volunteers!

Each year beginning August 1, 2013, the Saint Joseph Volunteer Guild will be offering scholarships in the amount of $2,000 to a maximum of four Teen Volunteers who have complete 150 hours of volunteer with Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East, or Saint Joseph Jessamine.

To qualify a candidate must:

  • Be a graduating high school senior with a B average
  • Submit an application package to be received in the Volunteer Services offices by June 1st for the fall semester and October 1st for the spring semester. Applications received after the deadline will be considered at the discretion of the Guild. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Have served a minimum of 150 hospital volunteer hours.

Application Packages Must Contain:

  • A completed Scholarship Application: Volunteer Scholarship Application (click here to complete application)
  • An essay no longer than two typewritten pages double spaced on:

Volunteer experience
Your interests and career goal
Why you decided to apply for this scholarship

  • A letter of recommendation from three references with complete mailing addresses. (No relatives please.)
  • A current transcript of your high school and/or college record along with any available achievement test records and class ranking.

All Application Material May Be Submitted To:

Volunteer Office
Saint Joseph Hospital
One Saint Joseph Drive
Lexington, KY, 40504

Finalist Information:

  • Finalists will be required to complete an interview
  • A letter of acceptance from the accredited program must be received before the scholarship can be distributed.

Recipient Information:

  • Scholarship recipients will be notified by letter no later than August 1st for the Fall semester and December 1st for the Spring semester.
  • The recipient will be responsible for furnishing final grades to the scholarship committee at the end of the semester.
  • The recipient must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in order to be eligible for the second semester award.
  • At the end of the semester, the recipient will be invited to one of the Guild's regularly scheduled meetings to offer his/her college experience since receiving their scholarship.

Scholarship Essay Model

You may use the following outline as a "model" for the completion of your essay. Try to be as thorough as possible when you write your essay. Use a 1" margin all around. Feel free to use any essay format you feel comfortable with. Submit a typed essay, maximum of two pages, double-spaced, only.

First name, Last name

Educational Goal:

My goal is to be the first member of my family to obtain a degree...

Career Goal:

My ambition is to obtain a satisfying, rewarding career which will support me and   my family...

Personal Goals:

I plan on being a positive role model within my community...

Special Interest:

I volunteer once a week to feed the homeless...

Leadership Experience:

My leadership experience...

Campus Involvement:

I have participated in the following events and programs on campus...