Faculty / Student Orientation

Saint Joseph facilities, a part of CHI Saint Joseph Health is providing an accessible student and faculty orientation to allow all those who use our clinical sites to have access to information necessary for meeting The Joint Commission (TJC) orientation requirements. This orientation must be completed annually, and prior to the first day of the clinical rotation or practicum experience.  

All Faculty must:

1. Print both the Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook

For Saint Joseph facilities -  Faculty and Students - Download the Faculty Handbook  or  Student Handbook 

2. Please see Faculty/Student Handbooks for directions on form completion and submission.

3.  For Electronic Health Record access please call or email facility educator as identified in the Faculty Handbook two weeks prior to start date. If you have additional questions you can also call Educational Services at 859.313.2187

4.  Complete and submit all Clinical Forms via email or submit to Educational Services prior to the end of Clinical Day 1.

All Participants must:

1. Review the Our Values and Ethics at Work (OVEAW) booklet and Faculty Handbook or Student Handbook 

2. Review the Safety Booklet which is in the Faculty Handbook or Student Handbook

Upon Completion of the clinical rotation faculty and students are to complete the Student/Faculty Evaluation form contained in the Faculty Handbook or Student Handbook and submit to educational services. If you have additional questions you can also call Educational Services at 859.313.2187.