Program Details

Frazier’s comprehensive driving program provides:



Pre-driving evaluation


The evaluation begins with a review of the participant’s medical/driving history, personal driving goals and a thorough evaluation of driving capacities, including:


  • Physical range of motion
  • Coordination
  • Compliance with legal vision requirements for Kentucky
  • Hearing
  • Knowledge of road rules
  • Reaction times
  • Problem solving/decision making ability



Behind-the Wheel Evaluation


After the pre-driving evaluation, an on-the-road assessment with a certified driver rehab specialist in a Frazier Rehab Institute education vehicle is performed. The assessment typically begins in a low traffic area and progresses to more complex situations, as the driver feels more comfortable. The program assists participants in building the confidence necessary to drive.



Individualized Driving Training


At the conclusion of the on-road evaluation, recommendations may be made for driver training. The participant is then provided with behind-the-wheel training with a certified driver rehab specialist to improve all skills needed for independent driving. Training is performed in the same training vehicle used in the on-the-road assessment and with any needed adaptive equipment/modifications.



Vehicle and Equipment Evaluation


Evaluations are made to determine if adaptive equipment or modifications are needed.  Modifications to the vehicle will compensate for limited physical, visual or emotional deficits. If adaptive devices are recommended, a prescription is written for the participant and referrals are made to local businesses licensed in vehicle modifications.


Occasionally, an individual can initiate or return to driving only under certain restrictions, such as daytime driving only. The program will also make these recommendations on an individual basis.


To find out if you or a loved one is a candidate for the program, click here.


To learn more about Frazier Rehab Institute's comprehensive Driver Evaluation and Training Program and costs, please contact Frazier Rehab Institute Newburg at 502.451.6886.


For further information on driving for the visually impaired through the Bioptic Driving program, click here or call 502.429.8640, ext. 273.


Frazier is a certified member of the Association of Driver Educators for the Disabled.