Pocket Prayer Quilts

Pocket Prayer Quilts

Pocket Prayer Quilts provide comfort to our patients and their families.  The ones you see here are quilted and sewn, but you make them any number of ways.  Finished pocket prayer quilts should be between 2"x2" square to 3"x3" square.


  • Fabric
  • Yarn, or narrow ribbon
  • Wooden Hearts *
  • Quilt Cards (specialized by campus)*

*You can pick these up in the Saint Joseph Hospital Volunteer Office, One Saint Joseph Drive, Lexington, KY ; or you can call our office at 859.313.1290 and we can mail these to you.  You can then delivered the finished squares to the location of your choice.  Please be sure to print, complete, and include this Donation Form with your donated items.

Pocket Prayer Quilts can be made in quilt patterns or, if you prefer, you can simply stitch two pieces of fabric together.

Place wooden heart inside the pocket.

Tie a small piece of ribbon or yarn on to the quilt card.

Hand stitch or machine stitch the pocket closed, stitching in the ribbon or yarn as you go.