Patient Stories

The Community Fitness and Wellness Facility at Frazier Rehab Institute provides expert rehabilitation and state of the art equipment for patients needing daily therapy and exercise.  Here are just a few examples of the difference that can be made.

Age: 44
Date of Injury: February 1988
Type of Injury: Incomplete paraplegia (T4 ASIA C)
Mechanism of Injury: Motor Vehicle Accident

Initial Status: Tim’s paralysis was sustained in 1988. Fifteen years later, Tim began to notice changes in function and sensation that caused him to seek out opportunities available for individuals with spinal cord impairment. With encouragement and help from family, friends, and co-workers Tim found Frazier Rehab Institute, the lead center for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network, focusing on spinal cord injuries. Tim began participating in Frazier’s Community Fitness and Wellness program in October 2008. Tim had many obstacles when his journey began with us. He was over twenty years post injury, working to balance time with his wife and four children while managing a full time job as an engineer. Tim has overcome all of these obstacles by using them for inspiration and motivation to go forward in achieving his dreams.

Goals: Increase flexibility, increase upper body strength, lose weight, gain strength in legs and increase core strength for balance activities.

Treatment: Tim participates daily in intense stretching, strengthening, and cardiovascular interventions which attribute to the incredible gains he has made in the last two years.  These increases continue weekly and provide further hope that hard work and dedication with the rehabilitation process can yield continued functional returns.

Outcomes: Tim is able to perform weight bearing activities and weighted leg press exercises due to increased strength and sensation return throughout his legs and feet. He can now activate his hamstrings where before there was no noticeable activation. Tim has also gained more than 35 degrees range of motion in legs; 25 degrees range of motion in hips. Tim has increased his overall flexibility. All of the hard work has paid off; Tim has lost 66 lbs since joining Community Fitness & Wellness in 2008 and has increased his core strength for balance to perform daily functions.


Age: 43
Date of Injury: January 2006
Type of Injury: Paraplegia T7 (Asia A)
Mechanism of Injury: Spinal Cord Stroke

Initial Status: Liz has been at Frazier rehab since October 2006. She did her outpatient therapy at Frazier and benefited greatly from the new advances in therapy. After being discharged from therapy, Liz joined the Community Fitness & Wellness program to continue her progress.

Goals: Maintain the gains from therapy. Lose weight. Increase strength to protect overuse of shoulders and hands. Liz looks forward to continuing her training and progressing.

Treatment: Liz is highly active in the Community Fitness & Wellness gym. She comes in 5-6 times a week engaging in numerous types of training. She participates in Locomotor training two times a week, guided exercise which is one-on-one training with a highly trained exercise specialist twice a week focusing on strength, rides a Functional Electrical Stimulation bike two times a week and does cardiovascular training 4-5 times a week.

Outcomes: Liz has lost 8 lbs. She has greatly increased strength which helps performing transfers much easier. She is noticeably more able to maneuver her manual chair in difficult places and situations. Liz has also increased her overall general health and strength to perform daily activities much easier.


Age: 23
Date of Injury: June 2009
Type of Injury: Paraplegia T5-6 Asia B
Mechanism of Injury: Motor cross Accident

Initial Status: Kent was injured June 9th 2009, while practicing motocross and the bike locked up and the landing caused severe damage to Kent’s spinal cord. Kent and his family are originally from Texas but moved here with after he joined the Community Fitness & Wellness program in September 2009.

Goals: When Kent came to Community Fitness & Wellness he couldn’t transfer himself, so he really wanted to be able to transfer himself. Another goal was for Kent to be able to live on his own and be able to perform daily activities by himself. Maintain overall health and body weight.

Treatment: Kent participates in guided exercise 5 times a week with the Community Fitness & Wellness program; he also receives locomotor training from outpatient therapy at Frazier. His program has progressed as Kent has gotten stronger. The main focus when Kent first came to Community Fitness & Wellness was his upper body strength and his core, both was very weak. As Kent’s upper body became noticeably stronger we started working on strengthening his legs.

Outcomes: Kent has increased his overall strength tremendously; 6 months after joining he was able to easily transfer himself and 9 months was able to transfer himself in and out of his truck. His mom has moved back to Texas; Kent lives alone and is now strong enough to perform all of his daily activities on his own. His core continues to progress, but he is able to sit up straight and perform many of the activities that he loves to do such as ride in his RZR and go hunting. “Being here has helped me get my life back to similar to what it was before my injury. I can still go out and do whatever I want to. “

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