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Frazier Rehab at Flaget Memorial Hospital Offering Innovative Therapy for Muscle Pain - Archived


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Frazier Rehab at Flaget Memorial Hospital Offering Innovative Therapy for Muscle Pain

Bardstown, Ky. (November 9, 2015)—Patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal and sports medicine injuries have a new option for treatment at Flaget Memorial Hospital’s Frazier Rehab location.

Physical therapists at the facility are now certified to perform dry needling, a treatment that involves placement of filament needles (like acupuncture needles) into muscle areas that contain thickened bands of tissue, also known as trigger points. Trigger points can cause localized pain, referred pain, muscle inhibition and hypersensitivity.

During dry needling, physical therapists examine the neuromuscular system to identify points to insert the needles that will relieve the irritation and loosen the tightness in the muscles. Dry needling trigger points resets the biochemical properties and releases them so that proper muscle contraction can occur.

Most patients do not feel the needle being placed in the skin. However, if the muscle is sensitive and contains active trigger points, the patient may feel a cramp or “twitch response.”

Dry needling is one small part of an overall physical therapy treatment session. It enhances the patient’s ability to perform corrective exercises and the therapist’s ability to perform other manual therapy techniques to restore normal function to the muscle areas and reduce pain.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, research supports the use of dry needling to improve pain control, reduce muscle tension and help patients return to active rehabilitation.

In order to perform the treatment, physical therapists must receive additional training and special certification. More than 30 physical therapists with Frazier Rehab locations throughout the Commonwealth are now certified to perform dry needling.

For more information about dry needling at Frazier Rehab at Flaget Memorial Hospital, 502.350.5367.

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Monday, November 09, 2015