Shoulder Replacement

We know how hard it can be living with a severely painful shoulder. Even simple tasks like lifting groceries or getting dressed can be difficult, let alone doing the activities you love.

At CHI Saint Joseph Health, our board-certified orthopedic surgeons specialize in shoulder replacement surgery, a common procedure in which injured or diseased joints are replaced with state-of-the-art artificial parts. We offer both traditional and reverse shoulder replacement surgery, including innovative solutions which completely customize surgery to your unique anatomy.

Your orthopedic surgeon can help determine if shoulder replacement or another treatment is right for you. If surgery is your best solution, you can count on programs that have earned national recognition for providing the highest standards of care, right here at home.

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Getting Your Shoulder, and Life, Back in Motion

Depending on your needs, your surgeon at CHI Saint Joseph Health may first recommend nonsurgical options like medication or physical therapy, or an arthroscopic procedure to treat less severe shoulder problems. But, if you’re dealing with bone-on-bone arthritis or a traumatic injury, and other treatments haven’t brought relief, you may be a good candidate for total shoulder replacement.

The procedure involves replacing arthritic joint surfaces with a highly polished metal ball attached to a stem and a plastic socket. Our surgeons specialize in the latest, least invasive techniques, which can help restore virtually the exact anatomy of your shoulder. That means a more natural feeling, mobile and longer-lasting solution.

For completely torn rotator cuffs and severe, related arthritis, we also offer reverse shoulder replacement. In this procedure, the socket and metal ball are switched, meaning their natural position is reversed. The metal ball is fixed to the socket and the plastic cup is fixed to the upper arm bone (humerus). This allows you to use the deltoid muscle, instead of rotator cuff, to move and lift your arm. Reverse shoulder is typically recommended for patients with:

  • A completely torn rotator cuff that cannot be repaired with treatments like arthroscopy
  • Cuff tear arthropathy, a complex type of shoulder arthritis
  • A previous shoulder replacement that was unsuccessful
  • Severe shoulder pain and difficulty lifting your arm away from your side or over your head
  • A complex fracture of the shoulder joint

Support for Every Step

The thought of shoulder replacement may seem overwhelming. But with our specially designed joint class, we’re committed to making your experience as seamless as possible.

It starts with our pre-operative class, where you’ll learn what to expect through the entire process. From there, we’ll guide you seamlessly through surgery and orthopedic rehabilitation, which often begins immediately after surgery in one of our dedicated orthopedic units. A physical therapist will work one-on-one with you to strengthen the shoulder joint and enhance range of motion, so you can get back faster to what you need and love to do.

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