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Barium Enema

Barium Enema (Colon X-ray)

What is a Barium Enema?
A barium contrast enema must be given to help visualize your colon on x-ray film. A soft enema tip will be gently inserted into your rectum. You will feel a strong urge to have a bowel movement. Please do your very best to hold the enema. While the barium is flowing into your colon, the radiologist and technologist will be taking x-rays as you are turned into different positions. You will be able to go to the bathroom as soon as the films are acquired.

What do I do if there is a possibility that I might be pregnant?
If there is a possibility that you are pregnant, please tell the technologist before the exam.

Are any activities restricted after this procedure?
No, you may continue your normal activities.

Do I need to make changes to my diet?
Continue your normal diet; no restrictions are necessary following this scan. Drink plenty of fluids the rest of the day unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Your bowel movements may have a chalky appearance for a couple of days following your study. You may need a mild laxative if forcing fluids is ineffective.

Do I need to adjust any medications?
Your medicines should not be stopped or unless your doctor tells you to.

My doctor requested that I bring my films to my next appointment, what do I do?
Saint Joseph has implemented a new imaging archiving system which allows physicians to digitally view your images in their offices. The technologist that performs your procedure will also be able to provide you with a CD (computerized disk) to take with you upon request. If you did not receive a CD from the technologist and you need a copy of your images, you can also contact the Radiology Imaging Library at 859.313.2290. If someone else is going to pick up your CD, you must call us and give us their information and they must present a picture ID.Saint Joseph

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