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Dr. Fred Odago Joins CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 8, 2021) – Fred Odago, MD, has joined CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group in Lexington as a neurologist. Growing up, Dr. Odago says he was subliminally influenced into the medical field by his uncle, who was the family’s first physician. Dr. Odago eventually became a medical researcher; however, 10 years later, he entered medical school. The change of heart came after he realized he would have more of an impact as a physician in a clinical setting, rather than as a basic scientist within a lab.

 “I was a nontraditional student when I went to medical school,” said Dr. Odago. “I’d done a lot of research, and at that point realized I was ready to go into clinical practice. In medicine, I’m able to see the impact of medical research on patients directly. I’m still research-minded and was drawn to neurology due to the active research that is still ongoing to address neurological conditions such as ALS and because, historically, doctors are often trying to find answers that aren’t always clear.”

 Dr. Odago received his medical degree from the University of Kentucky after working in research positions for a decade at several institutions including his alma mater. Prior to employment or attending medical school, Dr. Odago was one of 30 international students from Kenya selected to attend Berea College in central Kentucky.

 Professionally, Dr. Odago is excited to be involved in medical scenarios that emphasize the essence of research such as investigating the cure for Alzheimer’s disease, or finding ways to end debilitating migraines.

 “I think there is a misconception that neurology is a field with a big question mark - that we don’t have a lot of solutions for our patients’ conditions,” said Dr. Odago. “While we may not yet have curative therapy for some of these neurological diseases, we are finding new ways every day to improve the quality of life of these patients as well as increase their life expectancy. Over the last decade we have also seen rapid progress in finding new effective treatments for neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and migraine. Additionally, we are starting to discover ways of identifying patients who are at risk of certain neurologic conditions and potentially alter the disease course.”

 Professionally, Dr. Odago has received various professional accolades including “Resident of the Month” from the Department of Neurology at UK, and has participated in more than 15 publications, abstracts and presentations throughout his career.

 Within his practice, Dr. Odago aims to be an advocate for all his patients. “I want to make sure we are addressing neurological issues, providing good care, but also focusing on making sure patients receive the right treatment and resources,” said Dr. Odago.

 Dr. Odago is excited to remain in Lexington, where he met his wife, Krista. Together, with their three children, the Odagos enjoy camping and spending time outside. In his spare time, Dr. Odago runs at least 25 miles a week and enjoys reading.

 Dr. Odago is accepting new patients and will practice at CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Neurology, 1021 Majestic Drive, Suite 200, in Lexington.  To make an appointment with Dr. Odago, visit or call 859.296.1922.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2021