For Physicians: Reasons to Refer

If you are a physician seeking answers to any of the following questions, a referral for Frazier’s neuropsychology and psychology services may be appropriate:


  • Does my patient have cognitive changes as a result of a neurological injury or disease?
  • What is the nature and extent of the change or loss?
  • What impact will the specific cognitive problems have on their everyday functioning?
  • How likely is the patient to be able to return to work or school?
  • Can rehabilitation help my patient function better – for instance, return to work or school? If so, which specific services would help?
  • How well will my patient be able to function at home and in the community?
  • Is my patient safe to drive?
  • Are cognitive changes due to emotional factors, disease or both?
  • I think my patient has mild dementia. Can you help me track changes over time?


To schedule an appointment for a Frazier neuropsychological or psychological evaluation, call (502) 585-3472 or FAX an order with your questions to (812) 941-6276.