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SIPS Patient at Flaget Memorial Hospital

Stephanie Bergeron - Before Picture


Stephanie Bergeron - After Picture


Stephanie was overweight and suffering from various disorders that prevented her from losing weight. She was taking five shots of insulin per day, and despite exercise, was not making progress. But then she attended a weight loss seminar and learned about her options.

“I didn’t want to be treated like just another procedure,” said Stephanie. After talking to her doctor, he recommended the SIPS (stomach intestinal pylorus sparing) procedure. Her life hasn’t been the same since.

“I can now feel the benefits of exercise,” said Stephanie. Stephanie is down 88 pounds, is off all medications and runs 2 miles per day. “I feel amazing! If you’re considering weight loss surgery, don’t go anywhere else. Dr. Farrell and his team really care about their patients. They treat you like one of their own!”

What are you waiting for? See if weight loss surgery can change your life too.

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