Bariatric Exercise

Weight Loss Surgery and Exercise

Exercise is a vital component for medical weight loss. Patients who follow a regular exercise program in a medical or surgical weight loss program lose weight more efficiently and are more likely to maintain their weight loss.

Medical Weight Loss Programs and Exercise Physiologists

Patients enrolling in our Medical Weight Loss Program (Non-Surgical) will work one-on-one with an exercise physiologist at each visit. We base exercise plans on your individual needs and goals. Discussion topics include:

  • Aerobic fitness
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Target heart rate and perceived exertion

Exercise programs will be continuously modified and updated to provide maximum weight loss success while part of our medical weight loss program.

Bariatric Surgery and Exercise

Patients enrolling in our Surgical Weight Loss Program at Saint Joseph Center for Weight Loss Surgery in Lexington, Kentucky will also work closely with our exercise physiologist, Billi, both before and after surgery. Exercise recommendations will be based on patient preferences, access to exercise equipment, physical limitations and patient motivation. Strength training is highly encouraged after surgery in order to decrease body fat percentage and preserve lean muscle mass.

Exercise Facility for Weight Loss Patients

We offer a private in-office gym for individual patient instruction and scheduled group exercise. Our gym includes a treadmill, recumbent stationary bike, elliptical Arc trainer and a variety of free weights, resistance bands and stability balls. Our goal is to provide high quality exercise instruction in a private environment that accommodates the needs of our patients.

The Center also enjoys the use of the Saint Joseph Healthy Living Center at the Beaumont YMCA with a dedicated private exercise program for our patients.

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